Tuesday, October 12, 2010

This post is for you, Bonnie!

I´ve had several comments on my blog during the last years asking where to buy or get appropriate postage stamps for making postage people. Most people commenting don´t leave their e-mail addy, so I´m not able to answer elsewhere than in the comments. But as I doubt that readers come back to find an answer to their questions there, I´ve decided to make an extra blog post.
I´ve received most of my stamps on envelopes from swap returns or as ephemera with swaps. But sometimes I´ve purchased some great stamps in the department store.
When I sent out the returns from my own Postage People blog swap, I sent a little bag with head stamps to everyone. I´ll do that for you, Bonnie, and other people who told me that they´re not able to find the right stamps. Please send me an e-mail with your address, and I´ll send a few stamps to you; just click on the "e-mail me" link in the sidebar of my blog.

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roc said...

those are great stamps for postage stamp people! wow...great stash there. i love postage stamp people. i did a swap with them once and mine were terrible compared to everyone else's. i always admire people who can make a great piece of art with the postage stamps!