Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Body is a Cage Blog Swap Update No. 8

I have good news and bad news about our swap today. Definitely bad news is that two more players had to bow out because of personal issues, but hey, there´ll be two other new participants for them.

Now let´s talk about the due date ... You all know that your cards have to be in my hands before Friday, so there are only three days left.
I also told you that I´ll wait for your envelope if it was sent in time. Well, that means of course that I need to know the date you´ve sent your cards. I´ve sent personal emails to everyone whose cards aren´t here yet and asked to contact me, but I´m still waiting for some feedback - Sarah, please email me soon!
I´m still waiting for seven entries, so I´m afraid I won´t be able to swap out the cards next weekend. I´m sorry for all of you who will have to wait, but as I know that some envelopes I´m waiting for are in the mail for 2-4 weeks already, I hope they´ll arrive soon.

Now here are some more links to finished cards for you - please go and have a look at the fabulous entries from Christa, Ingeborg and Patsy (the picture was taken when the cards weren´t finished, but you get the idea).
There´ll be at least one more update before the swap closes, so please keep your eyes open for it.

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Anonymous said...

Hier ist so viel Platz für einen Kommentar, da kann ich ja noch schreiben, daß mir "Let me in" gut gefällt - ebenso wie der neue Blogheader :-)