Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Body is a Cage Blog Swap Update No. 9

You all know that the due date for this swap was June 15, but there are some things to do before it can be finished, so here´s one more update for you.
First I have two more links to finished cards for you - please have a look at Ute´s and Ulrike´s gorgeous ATCs and leave a comment if you like them (on Ulrike´s site, you have to go to the left side and then have a look at the first ATCs there).
Then the good news is that two of the three missing packages have arrived now. BUT I´m still waiting for the last one which has been mailed from Illinois on May 15. This may be very slow or it may be lost - I´ve decided that I´ll wait for it until June 30 because it has been put in the mail in time, but then I´ll swap all cards  because I don´t want to let you all wait any longer. (If the missing cards will arrive later, I´ll send that artist a mix of my own ATCs as well as extra cards the others sent me; I think this is fair.)
You can all put the waiting time to good use to visit all previous updates and the given links and comment on all other participants´ cards - these comments will be a big help for me when it comes to swapping out the cards.
I hope you´ll all be satisfied with that solution and will stay patient for another while - thanks!
It has been brought to my attention that not all participants´ blogs show comments that were made by non-Bloggers as anonymous comments. If this is the case with your blog (you´ll notice that you receive the comment notification by email, but it doesn´t appear in your blog), then please go to your blog´s layout and click on comments and then spam - you´ll find all anonymous comments there. Please click on "no spam", then these comments will appear and can be seen by your blog visitors. Thanks!

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