Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Postage People Revisited Blog Swap Update No. 6

It´s time for my weekly update though I don´t have much news for you today. When I returned from my vacation on Sunday, I found envelopes from Jo, Kati, Lillian and Peggy in my mail, but I haven´t received any emails with links to finished ATCs from other swap participants - maybe you´re all working on your ATCs right now? I really hope so, because your ATCs have to be in my hands in about 5 weeks. Considering that international mail takes up to 2 weeks (if it´s sent in a regular business envelope) and we have a postal strike here in Germany, you should start working on your cards now if you haven´t already ...


Jo Murray said...

Thank heavens I got mine off early. Good luck with the postal strike...hope it's soon over.

ULKAU said...

Hoffentlich hattest du einen richtig tollen Urlaub, denn so lang warst du ja ewig nicht mehr weg.
So, heute habe ich immerhin schon angefangen, Briefmarken-Köpfe rauszusuchen... würde gern über Pfingsten ein paar postage-people erstehen lassen. Erst dann schaue ich, was andere gemacht haben.
Schönes langes Wochenende, liebe Marion - Ulrike