Wednesday, March 23, 2016

All Things Alice Blog Swap Update No. 4

It´s time for my next swap update, and there are some nice new ATCs for you to see:

Liz has finished her ATCs and posted them on her blog, as well as Helene and Sabine
(Sabine´s ATCs aren´t on the swap pinboard yet; I´ll pin them as soon as I´m back home.)

I´m glad to see that more an more ATCs are finished, and please remember that your ATCs have to be in my hands before April 30. But if you haven´t signed up, you should consider to do so because there are still several weeks to make and send your cards, and it´s not too late to join the swap - the fact that I ask you to send your ATCs in an unpadded business envelope means that they travel quite fast.
Have fun creating and please don´t forget to send me an email with a link to your finished ATCs once you´ve posted them.

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