Wednesday, March 30, 2016

All Things Alice Blog Swap Update No. 5

What did YOU do last week? Did you use your free Easter days to finish your Alice ATCs?
Well, I did - I´ve made five more ATCs, and the one above is one of them. I´ve used rubber stamps from Carabelle Studio and VivaLasVegaStamps here together with a background paper from Crafty Button Designs and a mushroom from Hidden Vintage Studios.

(Of course I will not swap all 12 Alice ATCs I´ve made so far - I need them for illustrating my swap updates on my blog and for filling gaps while swapping all ATCs in the end, for sending extras etc.)

Last week, I received three more envelopes with ATCs from Liz Waring, Michele Storms, and Helene Huber. Thanks for sending your envelopes that early!

And Judith sent me a link to her finished ATCs posted here: ATCs 1, 2, 3.
Of course, all ATCs so far have been pinned to our swap board at Pinterest here.

Sooooo - 7 of you already sent me their ATCs, 3 more have sent me photos of their finished cards that are still on their way to me, and 9 of you haven´t contacted me yet. That´s no problem as you all have 4 1/2 weeks before your ATCs have to be in my hands; just keep in mind that they have to be in my mailbox before April 30.
Have fun creating!


Jannet said...

A lovely ATC, I will have to join up next time, as I love Alice in Wonderland.

Michele said...

hooray! so much fun! the pinterest board is getting more and more delightful! loving your latest ATC. xo

Laura said...

Your Alice ATCs are just wonderful!

alice k. said...

That's a lovely card!

maj. said...

Love it!!!