Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ink-Jet Transfers

I really don´t know why I haven´t done ink-jet transfers for such a long time - because I love them!
You can see the transfer on the right, and I´ve used the remaining picture for a second card after having transferred it. (The product I´ve used is called Transfer Ink!)
These ATCs are for a Ravens and Crows swap, and the transfers just give them the kind of mystery I´ve wanted for them.


laury55 said...

love your raven...beautiful series

ute said...

wie Farben das "Gefühl" für ein Bild ändern, beide haben eine tolle Wirkung

Christy said...

love your transfers. how does the transfer ink work? is it something you apply while making the transfer? -Christy

Lubna said...

Your raven series are truly beautiful and have an aura of mystery to them - I love them!