Thursday, March 27, 2008

Letter E ATCs

Three ATCs for a Letter E swap and another German lesson for you: "Eiertanz" is a word you don´t have in English, but it means something like taking an indirect route because you don´t want to come out with the truth. Literally it says "dancing on eggs".
"Eigenheim" means the home you own.
Both eggs cards were dyed with easter egg dye colours filled in "mini misters" and sprayed on the backgrounds.


Anonymous said...

I love these "E" ATCs. The one with the Eyes is fabulous. Love your blog.

Marilyn Rock said...

Marion; these are marvelous - all of your recent ATC's. I love the idea of using the egg coloring in your art, too!

Christine Baier said...

Ey, richtig geil. Was anderes fällt mir dazu nicht ein!!!!