Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Playing Favorites

Did you ever feel alone in the blog world? I don´t think so. But maybe you´ve felt a bit lost in this big world of artists´ blogs and didn´t know where to find those artists you like!?

Visiting Seth Apter´s blog "The Altered Page" you will not only find Seth´s own fabulous pieces but you´ll also get to know other artists he likes. And with his project "The Pulse" he even tries to connect people and is quite successful in doing so.
Maybe you´ve read his last survey about artistic influences; if not, you´ll still find it on his blog.

I felt honoured when Seth gave me his E-rate award some time ago, and I felt even more honoured when he asked me to take part in his "Playing Favorites" survey.

I´ve contributed two pieces for it, the first one a journal entry that you can find on his blog today.

My second piece was a canvas that will appear on his blog soon.
Stay tuned and keep an eye on his blog, it´s always rewarding.


Femmy said...

Fabulous!!! love them both!!

Marilyn Rock said...

Kudos Marion! Great job on the journal pages - beautiful!

Hermine said...

These colours are absolutly stunning.