Wednesday, April 27, 2016

All Things Alice Blog Swap Update No. 9

It´s three days before this swap comes to its end now, so this is the last regular update.

Finally, we´ve been 24 artists submitting to this swap: 8 from Germany, 9 from the United States, 2 from Australia, 2 from Canada, 2 from the UK and 1 from Austria.
Last week, I received envelopes from Jo, Anja, Nan, Trudi, Solvey and Ilka. Almost all envelopes have already arrived, I´m only waiting for one envelope from Germany and one from Australia. Thanks to all of you for sending your ATCs in time!

If you haven´t visited our swap pinboard for a while, you´ll be surprised how many ATCs we now have there. (Jo even made a second batch of ATCs because her first batch was lost in the mail - thanks, Jo!)

And here are the last links to finished ATCs:
Please have a look at Nan´s blog or have a look at her ATCs together with Leigh´s at the Lost Coast Designs blog here. And you´ll find Solvey´s, Anja´s and Ilka´s ATCs on their personal blogs. And two ladies from MAKIstamps, Andrea and Kerstin, teamed up to send their ATCs shown here.
Finally, I´m still waiting for a link to Glenda´s ATCs that are already finished and sent but not posted yet.

Now that all ATCs are finished and posted, it´s time to visit all the blogs and albums of the other swap participants in order to meet some new faces. When you´re there and see something you like, please don´t forget to leave a comment.
If you´ve been a participant in my blog swaps in the past, you know that I use your comments as hints when swapping out all ATCs in the end. You can also leave comments on our Pinterest board, but if your Pinterest name is NOT your real name, I won´t be able to assign your comments to your person unless you send me an email with your Pinterest name.

That´s all news for today - I´ll be back soon with more infos on the swap.

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Laura Haviland said...

I am so excited to receive my atc's Marion, where will they come from ?
Yay !!!
Thank you for hosting this amazing fun swap, cannot wait to next year..
Love ya. Hugs Laura.xoxo
I love your creative talent, your ATC's were magical..