Saturday, August 29, 2009

Letter U ATCs

Time for another German lesson - well, not really: I don´t have to explain the word "Underdogs" of course, but it´s also often used in German, and everyone knows it.
The second ATC is a bit more difficult: It illustrates "Ungleichheit" which means "disparity". In German you don´t say "like two peas in a pod" but "wie ein Ei dem anderen" - so I´m asking here if really one egg is like the other (which is obviously not the case here) or if maybe you should just look a little closer to see the differences ...
The third card illustrates a word with two meanings: "unlustig" means "not funny" as well as "listless, halfhearted" - like the boy on the left who doesn´t like to be photographed.

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Barb said...

Great work always...and what an evil smile that little girl is showing... stick a witches cap on her and she'd fly off on her broomstick...LOL