Saturday, August 01, 2009

Zetti Blog Swap - Update No. 6

The due date for this swap is approaching, and more and more envelopes fill my swap box.
I have received submissions from Mandy, Fatma, Marsha, Jennifer, Charlotte, Deirde, and Glenda since my last update.
And here are some more links for you to see: Have a look at the fabulous cards from Katrin, Gaye, Trudi, and here´s a new link to Fatma´s cards.
Now 20 envelopes are here, and I know that six more are on their way to me, but I still haven´t heard from 9 participants. Just keep in mind that your cards have to be in my hands on August 15, that´s in two weeks exactly. Have fun with your Zetti cards!

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Marilyn Rock said...

Thanks for the update Marion! Oh; the cards coming in! Awesome! Hugs, Marilyn